ThopTV Mod Apk Pro v46.8.01 (3000 Unlocked Channels)

ThopTV Mod Apk Pro v46.8.01 (3000 Unlocked Channels, Live Chat, Cricket) For Android/PC

Any android user can download the ThopTV APK for Android & Windows from here to watch various channels free of cost. This APK is safe to download, so you will get peace of mind while downloading this app. All channels are 100 % working. We have uploaded this app after complete checking. 

APP NAMEThopTV Mod Apk Pro
MOD INFO3000 Channels Unlocked, Live Cricket, Subtitle Option
GENREApp, Entertainment
UPDATE2 Days Ago
AVAILABLE ONGoogle Play Icon

Download ThopTV APK Pro v46.8.01:


There are different apps available through various sources. These apps will help you watch online movies, songs, dramas, and other content, but you have to pay for them. If you want to watch free movies or other content, you have to view many advertisements. It will frustrate you, and you will not be able to watch your favorite videos without interruption. 

If you want to enjoy seamless video streaming with a variety of channels, then you are in the right place. Here you will get the Thop TV APK which will provide you the opportunity to watch all channels without paying for them. 

It is the premium version of the application. It will provide you with all features without paying anything against them. This application will also enhance your cinema knowledge and provide you with information. You will also get the latest information about your favorite celebrities. 

There is a vast library of different channels. So sports, movies, and dramas lover can watch their favorite content of all types. You can also get information about each channel which is another strong side of this application. 

ThopTV Mod Apk Pro v46.8.01 Features:

Thop TV app is very famous around the globe due to its content and quality of that content. You have to pay for a monthly subscription to this app. 

You can download Thop TV APK from this website, having many remarkable features described below.

  • More than 3000 Unlocked Channels:

After downloading this ThopTV Mod Apk Pro v46.8.01 from here, you will access more than 3000 channels for free. These channels are based on different categories like movies, sports, news, cartoon, wildlife, and much more, so download and enjoy the best app. 

  • Subtitle Option:

Many channels available in this app language will not be familiar to you, but you don’t have to worry about it. Besides this, many movies do not have suitable voice acting. It ruins your watching experience of a movie.

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An exceptional feature of subtitle is available in this app. It supports almost all available videos. You can get translation in different languages as well. 

  • Free notifications:

With the help of this feature now, you will never miss your favorite movie or drama on Thop TV. After installing this app on your android device, you will get notifications about your favorite movies and dramas. You will be able to watch them instantly. 

  • Live Chat:

This feature is best for those app users who face difficulty while watching any channel on the application. You can start a live chat with customer support, and get your issue solved. This feature is generally not available with most of the free apps. But in this app, you will get the advantage of this feature for free. 

Pros and Cons:

Thop TV app is freely available for all android users. Before installing this app, kindly read all pros and cons mentioned below.


  • Free to Use App:

ThopTV Mod Apk Pro v46.8.01 is free for all users. Unlike other live-streaming apps, there is no subscription fee. So feel relaxed and enjoy all of your favorite stuff with the help of this app. 

  • Playlists:

After installing this application from here, you can also create your playlist. You will have a list of all your favorite channels. You can create multi playlists for different category channels like sports channel playlists, movie channels playlists, etc. 

  • Support All Devices:

This app is compatible with all android devices. So you can easily install this application on your old android versions.


  • Irrelevant Channels:

There are more than 3000 channels available in this app. Most of them will be irrelevant for you due to their content. You will have to choose your favorite channels by exploring all channels which is a time-consuming thing. 

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