Hill Climb Racing Mod APK v8.5.2 Unlimited Resources

Hill Climb Racing Mod APK v8.5.2 Unlimited Money, Diamonds And Fuel For Android

You need not visit the Google play store to Install the game as Hill Climb Racing Mod APK v8.5.2 is freely available to all users from here. You only have to Install the game from the below-mentioned link and enjoy the game with all premium options for free.

APP NAMEHill Climb Racing Mod APK
MOD INFOUnlimited Resources (Money, Diamonds, Fuel)
UPDATE4 Days Ago
AVAILABLE ONGoogle Play Icon

Download Hill Climb Racing Mod APK v8.5.2:


Hill climb racing is a simple but exciting physics-based 2D racing game where you have to climb the mountains with the help of a car. This game was developed on 22nd September 2012 by Finnish studio Fingersoft, also famous for android games. Toni Fingerroos is the creator of the game. He is also the owner of the Fingersoft Company, based in Oulu. This game was Installed by more than 500 million users. It shows the game’s popularity. 

  • Story:

In this game, a player has to drive as far as possible through different hills while collecting all the possible coins in the way. The game is easy to play in terms of controls because you just have to use Gas and Brake pedals throughout the journey. Due to driving through the hill, you have to pass through midair. So at the time when pressing pedals will rotate the vehicle, the car’s angle can be controlled. 

There is limited fuel in the vehicle, so you have to pick the fuel canisters and batteries which will come your way while driving. As the name indicates, this game enables the player to perform different stunts in the air to earn more coins. It will help you in upgrading your vehicle and unlocking new stages.  

Hill Climb Racing Mod APK features:

Do you want to add more thrill and fun to the game? If yes, don’t go for the original version of the game. It will make you feel bored, so you only have to Install the game from here. We are providing Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk to our users with the following characteristics. 

  • Unlimited money:

The prime purpose of the game is to collect coins while playing the game. Due to this reason, this game becomes more difficult because you have to collect coins as more as possible that results in losing control of the game. To overcome this issue, Hill climb racing Mod Apk is characterized by unlimited money. After Installing this game from here, you need not worry about the coins collection because you can buy anything in the game with the help of these coins. 

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  • Unlimited fuel:

There is limited Gas available for the vehicle, and you have to collect Gas canisters and batteries during your ride. Otherwise, you will end up with no fuel, and the game will end. But don’t worry about the fuel because you will be rewarded with an unlimited fuel supply, so there is no need to focus on fuel collection.  

  • Unlocked stages:

In the simple version of the game, you have to complete different stages to unlock a new stage. Thanks to Mod APK of the game, because all stages are unlocked, and you can go for any stage directly. 

  • Unlocked vehicles:

There are several different vehicles in the game, from cars and bikes to monster trucks. All of them are locked, and you have to earn coins first to unlock them. In our modified version of the game, all vehicles are unlocked. There is no need to spend your coins to unlock the vehicles, and you will get access to all vehicles free of cost. 

Pros and cons of the game:

This game is ideal for most android players, so before Installing the game, you may consider following the pros and cons of the game. 


  • Racing fun:

If you are fond of racing games, you will find this game best for satisfying your racing adventure. It is a fun racing game, and its simple graphics will make it easy to play. 

  • Violence free:

There is no violence in the game, so you can play it without any warnings and age restrictions which is the best thing about it. 

  • Offline mode:

There is no need for internet connectivity because this game is available in offline mode. So you will not be disturbed by annoying ads while playing the game. 


  • Poor graphics:

The main drawback of the game is that the graphics are very low. So you will get bored quickly while playing the game. 

  • Old fashioned game:

As this game was released in 2012, now it feels old-fashioned and outdated. Several racing games are available with better graphics, controls, and characters.

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