Fruit Ninja Mod Apk v26.6.2 Unlimited Resources

Fruit Ninja Mod Apk v26.6.2 Unlocked Blades, Characters For Android

Just click upon the below-mentioned install link and show your fruit-slicing skills to the world by installing Fruit Ninja Mod APK v26.6.2 from here that is freely available to all the users. Fruit Ninja Apk will help you out by giving unlimited resources like unlocked blades and characters as well.

APP NAMEFruit Ninja Mod APK
PUBLISHERHalfbrick Studio
MOD INFOUnlimited Resources (Unlocked Blades, Characters)
UPDATEJune 17, 2022
AVAILABLE ONGoogle Play Icon

Download Fruit Ninja Mod APK v26.6.2:


Fruit Ninja is a fruity video game that is one of the favourite games for most android users. It was the most famous game after the launching of the android platform. 

The game was launched on April 21, 2010, the first time for IOS, and after a few months, on September 17, 2010, it was launched on Google play store for android users. It was released by Half Brick Studios Pty Ltd, an Australian-based video game Company, headquartered in Brisbane.

After the popularity of the apps developed by the company, it has opened five branches in Spain, Bulgaria, Adelaide, Los Angeles, and Sydney. By 2015, the Fruit Ninja game was installed by more than 1 billion users on different platforms.

If we talk about the android version of the game, it has been installed by more than 500 million users from the Google Play store. 

  • Story: 

In this game, the player’s objective is to become a master of slicing fruit, so you have to show your expertise by cutting fruit. You will get unleashed blade, and with the help of this blade, you have to start the juicy carnage and set new records by scoring points.

Players will get extra points by slicing multiple fruits in a single blade shot, also called a combo. You can use your different fingers to do multiple slices with one swipe.

You have to slice all the fruits. If you miss three cumulative fruits, your chance will end, and you have to restart the game. 

Modes of the game:

Currently, there are three game modes available in Fruit Ninja. These are attractive to android users, so they are described below. 

  • Classic Mode:

In classic mode, a player is rewarded with three lives. After starting the game, you have to slice any fruit which appears on your screen. You will see pomegranates and dragon fruit in this mode, but bonus bananas are missing in it.  

  • Arcade Mode:

Arcade mode is also known as one-minute mode because in this mode, you have 60 seconds to get a higher score, and you will also get bonus bananas in this mode thrown on your screen. Your combo patterns will be changed with these bonus bananas because you can create double points in them. 

  • Zen Mode:

In the third mode of the game, a player is given 90 seconds to slice fruit as much as possible. One distinguishing feature in this mode is that you don’t have any bomb and fruit dragons in it. You cannot utilize power packs in Zen mode, so you have to rely on your fingers to cut the fruit within the prescribed time. 

Fruit Ninja Mod APK v26.6.2 Features:

Fruit Ninja is a fun game where you have to show your ninja skills in slicing fruit. So if you love to play this game, you will surely like to play the Fruit Ninja Apk game which is full of the following exciting features. 

  • Unlocked blades:

A player cannot show his/her expertise in fruit ninja without sharp blades, so we have unlocked all blades in this Fruit Ninja Apk of the game for the best gaming experience. You can select any blade because all of them are unlocked. 

  • Unlocked characters:

Different characters are available in the fruit ninja game; Nobu, Katsuro, Han, Rinjin, Mari. But all of them are in-app purchases, and you have to pay the amount for them to unlock those characters. Only one character is free, named Truffles.

But after installing this Fruit Ninja Apk of the game, you will get all characters free of cost because all of them are unlocked while designing this modified version of the game. 

  • Ads are completely removed:

The bad thing about the free version of all the games is that they are full of ads. A player cannot play the game with complete interest because after completing a level, suddenly ads appear.

To tackle this issue, ads are removed from this app, so after installing this Fruit Ninja Apk, you will not see any ads during the game.   

Free currency:

You will get unlimited free currency with the help of this Fruit Ninja Apk to purchase anything in the game. 

Pros and Cons of the Game:

Fruit Ninja is a fun-oriented game that has the following advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Juicy storm:

It is an entertaining game for families because it is equally suitable for all age groups from age 3 to above. So you can play this game with your family members and enjoy the ninja slicing skills. 

  • Engaging gameplay:

After installing this game from here, you will feel fully engaged in playing this game because of its addictive nature. 

  • Simple controls:

Game controls are very simple, and you have to show the expertise of your finger as they are turned into blades after touching with your android device. You will love to play this game with easy controls, and you don’t have to be an expert for playing this game. 

Disadvantages of the game:

  • Touch screen accuracy:

While playing the game, you will feel a lack of touch screen accuracy. It will make you miss fruit from slicing, and after missing three consecutive fruits, your game will be over. 

  • Lack of music:

Another drawback of the game is the lack of music which makes you feel bored after playing a few levels, and you will realize that you are repeating similar levels due to repeating sounds of the game. 

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