Dr. Driving Mod APK v13.6.5 Unlimited Resources

Dr. Driving Mod APK v13.6.5 Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel Unlocked Cars/Weapons For Android

If you are trying to Install the Dr. Driving Mod APK v13.6.5 but cannot Install it from anywhere, you are at the right place. Here you will get the complete Mod version of the game, so click on the Install button mentioned below and start playing your favorite game for free.

APP NAMEDr. Driving Mod APK
MOD INFOUnlimited Resources (Money, Gold, Unlocked All)
UPDATE2 Days ago
AVAILABLE ONGoogle Play Icon

Download Dr. Driving Mod APK v13.6.5:


Dr. Driving is a fun driving game where you can participate in different driving challenges. Most android users have played this game at least once on their phones that shows its popularity. 

Dr. Driving game was developed by Studio up-down (SUD) incorporation, famous for developing car driving games. This simple game is Installed by more than 100 million users on the Google play store that proves its great success. 

  • Story:

You have to complete different missions and pass-through from different obstacles in the center of a crowded city. Your mobile phone in your hand is just like the car steering because you turn your phone right and left to steer your car and press the pedal button-down that is available on the screen to start and stop the car. 

There are several gameplay modes, missions, and rewards in this game that will make you bound to play it for hours without losing your interest. The best part of the game is that it is not like ordinary racing car games. In this game, you have to complete different missions that are completely different from other racing car games. 

Dr. Driving Mod APK APK v13.6.5 features:

There are several challenges a driver has to face while playing the game, and as you proceed to different new levels in the game, this becomes harder, and you have to play the game accurately. We have uploaded the Mod APK of this game here for all android users so that you can get the maximum fun from it. You can also get access to all premium features for free some of these features are listed below. 

  • Unlimited money:

You have to get money in the game by completing different missions, and with the help of this money, you buy different cars and other accessories. It is hard to earn money because you have to complete missions, but this hacked version of the game will allow you to get unlimited money for free. You have to Install and install the game to get unlimited money.

  • Unlocked cars:

There is no need to buy the cars with the money because all the available cars are unlocked in this modified version of the game, and you have equal access to any vehicle while playing the game. 

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  • Unlimited coins:

After Installing the game, you will also be rewarded with unlimited coins you can utilize in the game. You don’t have to buy them because they are freely available in this game version. 

  • Unlimited fuel supply:

The main disadvantage of the game is that you have limited fuel in the game. You have to complete the mission with the available fuel. But after Installing and installing this mod APK from here, you will not feel the fuel shortage. In this game, the car fuel remains full. 

  • Unlocked weapons:

You need not buy any weapon in the game because all the weapons are already locked in this hacked version of the game, so you only have to choose the best one according to the requirement of your game level. 

Pros and cons of the game:

There are a few pros and cons associated with this game that you should consider before playing it that are mentioned below. 


  • Unique cars:

This game is different from other car racing games. Users will get unique cars in this game, and each vehicle has a phenomenal color theme and performance that will improve your gaming experience. 

  • Unique multiplayer mode:

You can play this game with your friends and earn rewards by completing the missions. You need an internet facility to play this game online, and it will help you make new friends from the whole world. 

  • Completely safe game:

This game is completely safe for all ages because there are no violent scenes. You don’t have to use extra speed like ordinary racing games that influence your real driving habits. 


  • Poor controls:

The controls of the game are not user-friendly. You will feel a hurdle while playing the game because it is difficult to control the game steering. It results in a collision with other cars. 

  • Average graphics:

This game looks outdated due to its average graphics. While playing the game, you will notice that you are driving a robot car, and you will not enjoy the real driving experience.

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