Carrom Pool Mod APK v23.01.6 Unlimited Resources

Carrom Pool Mod APK v23.01.6 Unlimited Gems, Coins, Skins & Unlocked Strikers, Pucks For Android

You have to click on the below-mentioned install link of the game to enter the world of fun, and this Carrom Pool Mod APK v23.01.6 of the Carrom pool will boost your gaming experience.

APP NAMECarrom Pool Mod APK
MOD INFOUnlimited Resources (Gems, Skins, Coins, Unlocked Strikes, Pucks
UPDATE9 Days Ago
AVAILABLE ONGoogle Play Icon

Download Carrom Pool Mod APK v23.01.6

  • Introduction:

Carrom Pool is an easy-to-play multiplayer board game developed by Miniclip for Android. is a free browser game website that is the largest privately-owned gaming platform, where you can play several games. 

This game was released in November 2018, and since then, it is one of the most played android games and currently, it is installed by more than 100 million Android users from the Google play store that tells the significance of this game. 

  • Story:

Carrom Pool is a simple multiplayer board game where you have to pot all of your pieces before your opponent to become the winner. It is a digital version of the traditional carom board game that was most popular in the past, so you have to play this game as you played it on carom board. 

  • Game Modes:

There are 3 game modes available in carrom pool, so you can understand them before installing the game from below.

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  • Disc pool 

It is the prime game mode where you have to play against an opponent. You aim to pot all your pucks before your opponent wins the game. In this version, you can put any puck because the ultimate goal is to pot all the pucks. 

  • Carrom:

This mode is quite different from disc pool because, in this mode, you have an additional puck which is called Red Queen. In this game, you have to pot the red queen and cover it immediately in the same turn.

So you can pot red queen any time between games but keep remembering that it should be potted before the last puck. But it does not matter which players pot the red queen because the ultimate winner will be the one who will clear the table first. 

  • Freestyle:

It is another exciting game mode where you have to 120 points first to win the game, and for doing so, you should pot the higher numbers. The red queen rewards you with more points which are 50 points, the white puck gives 20 points, and the last black puck will give you 10 points. 

Carrom Pool Mod APK v23.01.6 features:

Carom pool disc board is a simple game. But if you install its Mod APK from here, you will get the following exciting features for free. 

  • Unlimited gems and coins:

After installing Carrom pool Mod APK from here, you have to install the game and enjoy the unlimited gems and coins that will enhance your gaming pleasure because you can buy anything in the game with the help of these coins. With the help of unlimited gems, you will get infinite resources and utilities within the game. 

  • Unlocked strikers and pucks:

All strikers and pucks are unlocked in this modified version of the game. So you can use any striker of your choice, and there is no need to unlock the items because all of them are freely available in the game. 

  • Unlimited skins:

Different skins are the main attraction of the game, and fortunately, all of them are unlocked in this hacked version of the game, so select any desired theme and enjoy the game with beautiful skins. 

  • Ads removed:

This version of Carrom Pool is ads-free, so there is no need to buy the premium version of the game by installing it from the Google play store. You have to install the Mod APK of this game from here and enjoy the game without thinking about irrelevant advertisements. 

Pros and cons of the game:

This game is fun-oriented, and you will enjoy the Mod APK of the game because of all unlocked features, so the following are some pros and cons of the game. 


  • Online and offline mode:

This game is available in both online and offline modes. You can enjoy the game with your friends and players around the globe. Similarly, if you want to play this game alone or you don’t have an internet connection, you can go offline mode as well. 

  • Exciting stickers:

By playing this game, you will get many exciting stickers that you can send to your friends or opponents in the game, and these stickers will increase the gaming fun. 

  • Improved standard:

The game standard is improved in the latest version of the game uploaded here, so you only have to install the latest version of the game from here and enjoy the game. 


  • Difficult controls:

The game controls are very tough that require some expertise in the game. So if you are a beginner, it will be a less attractive game due to technical controls. 

  • Connectivity issues:

Sometimes you will face internet connectivity issues. If you are playing in online mode, you will have to wait long for your turn, which is another game drawback. 

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