Alight Motion Mod APK Unlocked All Features 2023

Alight Motion Mod APK Unlocked All Features 2023 (Watermark Removed, Free Fonts, Free animation)

It’s time to get the best visual effects video editing app. Just click on the below-mentioned link and download the Alight Motion Mod APK 2023 Latest Version for free.

APP NAMEAlight Motion Mod APK
PUBLISHERAlight Creative
MOD INFONo Watermark, Blending Mod to Add Layers, Free Fonts
UPDATEMarch 07, 2023
AVAILABLE ONGoogle Play Icon

Download Alight Motion Mod APK Free Latest Version:


Videos are bringing evolution in our lives, and people all over the globe make videos using their smartphones to share them with their loved ones. You can explore the beauty of the world with the help of your android phone. Creative videos are not easy to make. Several video editing tools are available on the Google play store that helps a user to create a beautiful video.

Alight motion is a revolutionary app to create professional-quality motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, and composition by following easy steps. This app was developed by Alight Creative Incorporation. It is active since 2018 and currently has one app on its platform. It is a South Korean-based company founded by Chaeyeone Lee. The app is downloaded by more than 50 million Android users from the Google play store. 

Alight Motion Mod APK Features:

Alight Motion APK is freely available here for all android users. You can use the following exciting features of this app. 

  • Unlocked all features:

There is no need to buy the premium version of the app from the Google play store because all premium features are unlocked in this Alight Motion Pro APK of this app, so you have to download and install the app from the link mentioned below to enjoy all features for free. 

All effects are also unlocked in this Alight Motion APK, so you can add any visual effect to your video to enhance the video quality, and it will also add more fun to your videos. 

  • No ads:

In the past, you cannot expect any free app without ads. But thanks to the Mod version of the Alight motion, you will not experience any annoying ads while using the app. This Alight Motion APK have characterized by premium features free of cost, so get the app from here and enjoy the Alight Motion without interruption. 

  • Watermark removed:

Watermark is also removed in this Alight Motion APK. Nobody can judge that your videos are edited with the help of software, and everybody will appreciate your photography skills. You can use Alight Motion Apk without watermark 2023 without any subscription.

  • Free fonts:

In this Alight Motion Pro App, there are more than 2000 unique fonts available, so you can choose any of them with multiple languages because almost all of the popular languages are supported in this app.

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  • Blending mode to add layers:

Blending mode is much important. If you are going to create 3D videos, it will help you add layers to the edited video. You can create professional videos with the help of blending mode. You can also add filters, presets, and many more features essential for a perfect video. 

  • Free animations:

Animated videos are much more costly, but with the help of this Alight Motion APK, you will be able to create cartoons and sketches which are not available in any other video editing software. 


  • User-friendly app:

There is no need to be a professional to use this app because its interface is simple. Any person who is an android user can create the best visual graphics, animations, and videos with the help of alight Motion Mod. 

  • Amazing camera features:

Alight Motion APK has extraordinary camera features like zoom, pan, focus fog, and blur. It adds more colors to your videos. You can make the best videos with the help of this simple app. 

  • Color adjustments:

You can adjust colors with the help of this app. It will add more bright and sharp color effects to your videos, and you will be able to create more professional videos with the help of the simple camera of your phone. 


  • Not supported to all devices:

Alight Motion app requires at least 1.5 GB of ram to be installed and run efficiently. If you have a smartphone with less ram, you cannot use this app. If you want to enjoy this app with a seamless experience, your phone must have 3 GB of ram. 

  • Lag and crashes:

Due to higher ram usage, you will also experience lag and crashes while using this app which is another drawback. 

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